The NRA offer comment on property development and town planning issues, such as rezoning’s, sub-divisions, alterations and additions to existing buildings and new residential and commercial developments, within the Newlands area. It is important to monitor these activities in order to ensure that the Newlands and Westerford areas do not exceed its residential capacity, that existing property investments are protected and to maintain the character and heritage of Newlands.

Property related issues in the Newlands and Westerford area can be split into three main categories:

  • large commercial developments with a significant impact on the entire area,
  • small commercial developments (typically zoning and subdivision applications) with a more localised impact, and
  • residential level application waivers and consent uses which typically relate to alterations and additions by a resident and have a localised impact.

current applications/ developments

Recent residential development applications are briefly listed here. In addition, the Committee continues to monitor the larger potential development projects of Newlands Swimming Pool, the Forresters Arms hotel application, Cannon street brewery and Lemon Lane.

The NRA have had chance to respond to some of the larger applications within the Newlands area. These comments are an amalgamation of contributions from various professionals from a heritage, design and environmental view.

The Newlands Local Area Overlay Zone (LAOZ) is currently under discussion at council level. We will post any new developments when available. Details can be found here:

Draft report for the Newlands Village Local area Overlay Zone (LAOZ) by Stephen Townsend

Should you have any queries or concerns relating to property please contact