Together Stronger

Making Newlands a cleaner, safer and more desirable place to live.

Together Stronger

Newlands is a charming, historic place to live, offering a great combination of urban convenience and green space.  It is one of the oldest suburbs in South Africa, with homes and businesses first established here in the 1700’s.

The Newlands Residents’ Association (NRA) was established over 20 years ago to look after the interests of residents. It represents the Newlands and Westerford community on a range of local issues and plays a proactive role in ensuring that the character and history of this special suburb are retained.

Covering the historic heart of Newlands, the NRA’s area also includes the ‘Dean-Klipper’ neighbourhood, including Westerford School – nowadays officially part of Rondebosch.

We are a registered Civic Organisation with a significant influence in local matters, including community safety, property development, enviromental and heritage issues.

Our influence within the City is as strong as our membership so we deliberately make it easy and, at just R200 pa, inexpensive to join. The more members we have, the more persuasive we can be with the City over affairs that concern us.

Before you browse the site to see what else the NRA’s volunteers are working on, please sign up as our newest member!