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Newlands is a charming, historic suburb, offering residents and business the combination of lush rural tranquility and urban convenience. Nestled on the eastern side of Table Mountain, Newlands is home to cricket, rugby, excellent schools and a thriving business district. It is one of the oldest suburbs in South Africa, with the first homes and businesses being established here in the 1700’s.

The Newlands Residents’ Association (NRA) was established as a cohesive body to monitor and protect the interests of residents and businesses. The NRA represents the Newlands and Westerford-Rondebosch community on a range of local issues and plays a proactive role in ensuring that the character and history of this special suburb are retained.

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In order to represent the interests of residents and business in Newlands & Westerford accurately, the NRA urge you to join.

To join the NRA please click on the link provided (to your right) to submit your membership details. Queries and Proof of payment can be sent to

Together Stronger