Our Responsibilities

  • Don’t throw away rubbish into the streets, no matter how small.
  • Use the green bins that have been strategically placed in the area.
  • Encourage your children, employees, domestic workers or gardeners to do likewise.
  • Speak out if you see someone spoiling the neighbourhood. For example, you won’t stop vagrants from rummaging in refuse bins. But you can ask them to tidy up any spillage.
  • If you have a domestic helper or gardener, ask him/her to keep your property frontage neat, right up to and including verge edges.
  • Consider joining the NRA ‘Litter Busters’ team – residents make a ‘sweep’ for 30 minutes in their area, once or twice a month to pick up litter. A little bit DOES make a difference. Plastic bags are provided. Contact Hugh Clarke on 021 685 4953. Email: gascoyne@mweb.co.za.
  • Contact the appropriate department if you have a litter/rubble/refuse problem or concern, details provided on the contacts page.