Useful Cleansing Contacts


For any litter, rubble or refuse issues, residents must contact the City’s C3 electronic reporting system rather than contacting individual staff members. The benefits are that the matter is logged & a unique reference number enables tracking of progress. The matter does not ‘sit’ waiting for an individual to implement it.

For all service delivery queries or complaints, i.e. not only refuse problems, but also electricity lights not working, potholes, blocked drains, branches touching electricity lines:

  • E-mail OR
  • Call 086 0103 089 for assistance.
  • For Emergencies only, contact the appropriate department given on the back cover of the phone directory.

what action can you take if you don’t get help?

If the litter/refuse/rubble problem remains after contacting C3, refer the matter to your City Councillor:

  • Ward 62 residents should contact: (mountain side of Newlands Avenue from Paradise Road to Alcis Road) Elizabeth Brunette – Office: 021 444 8118, Cell: 082 823 6584
  • Ward 59 residents should contact: (Klipper Road to Paradise Road below Newlands Avenue and from Alcis Road to Klipper Road above Newlands Avenue) Ian Iversen – Office: 021 762 3400, Fax: 086 515 9624, Cell: 083 629 7051,
  • Litter problems may be directed to Hugh Clarke 021 685 4953.
  • Other serious matters may be directed to the NRA Committee: