Ensuring a safe and secure neighbourhood is a priority and reality for all communities in South Africa. The NRA represents Newlands and Westerford residents at regular meetings with the SAPS, GSCID and ADT to monitor crime trends and ensure optimum service delivery.

Newlands consists of five security sectors namely, Dean Klipper, Hiddingh, Newlands Village, Kildare Vineyard and Upper Newlands. Each of these is managed by a committee who meet regularly to monitor crime trends and ensure optimum service delivery.

Fidelity ADT is South Africa’s leading security company, and the security service provider of choice within Newlands. Each sector has an area-specific security arrangement which includes a combination of bicycle and foot patrols and backup from armed-response vehicles. These Fidelity ADT guards protect Newlands by performing regular inspections of each area and act as a visual deterrent to criminals.

Residents are urged to support their sector committees and subscribe to these localised security initiatives. It is the participation of all residents in formal security programs and an informal community-oriented focus that makes a difference in creating a safe environment.


Security Sector Contacts:

NRA Security Committee    
Area Name Email
Hiddingh Michael Furter
Hiddingh Jonty Fisher
Dean/Klipper Sean Duggan
Newlands Village Chris Reynolds
Upper Newlands March Turnbull

San Souci

Monia Castro


Kerry Cooper

Newlands Residents Association Security March Turnbull