How to report a fault with the City of Cape Town

Oh No!!!!

Potholes? Street lights not working? Blocked Storm water drains? Missing road signs?

What can I do? Who do I report it to?


Emergency or distress calls can be reported to The City’s 107 Emergency Number from a Telkom line or 021 480 7700 / 112 from a Cell phone.

How to report service requests to the City of Cape Town

  1. Call: 086 010 3089
  1. SMS: 31373 (no more than 160 characters)
  1. Email: – give as much detail as possible – location, duration etc. and if possible a picture.
  1. Website: – select “Service Requests” from the right hand column. You will then have various options to log your particular complaint or request from a wide selection including sewers, water, electricity, solid waste etc. You are able to pin point the exact location on a map and upload a picture if necessary.
  1. Open the Service Request website
  2. Choose Create Service Request
  3. Select the required Group and Service.
  4. Describe your requested service, issue or complaint.
  5. Type in the address of the problem, or locate it on the map.
  6. Attach a supporting photograph if necessary.
  7. Capture your Contact Details and Select your Feedback Method.
  8. Click Submit. Save the reference number provided.
  1. Mobile Phone: – this operates the same as the normal website above – just designed for mobile telephones and is more user friendly for reporting issues from your mobile device. Follow same procedure above.

For a printable version – click on the link below!

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