The NRA Community Portfolio exists to bind our residents together in various joint endeavours. Some of them are serious outreach work and some are lighthearted, fun projects. Either way, we’d like everyone to know that they are part of a community who care about each other, enjoy each other’s company, and which can really get behind a good cause when we need to.

In 2021 we had an exciting re-launch of the Paradise Park Duck Races. After days of solid rain, those must have been the fastest plastic ducks ever! Earlier on in the day we were taken on a terrific park safari by Phil McLean of Friends of the Liesbeek, and his chameleon companion. That’s a day that is going to be packed with kids in 2022.

After an incredibly successful inaugural Newlands Fair, Covid repeatedly scotched our plans to do that all again. Not disheartened, we teamed up with the business community around the Kildare Circle and kicked off a series of monthly Summer Open Evenings. They have been a great success and may be the way forward.

This year the traditional Annual Clean Up was held on the same day as the Duck Races.

The only disappointment was that there wasn’t as much litter as in previous years!

Our Litter & Graffiti colleagues are getting ahead of us. Problems we like to have…

The NRA is always open to collaborating with local charities whose work dovetails with ours, so please let us know if you think we can contribute to a cause you work with. Most recently we have been supporters of: